The Great Anderson County Fair – Mitch Lesi and Ray Bianco
“Martin’s recommendations are not only actionable , useful and insightful but they are very honest and practical. They just don’t tell you what you want to hear, They tell us the things we need to know. It’s talented people doing smart work they assess the situation, bring real world and outside experience to bear,  get smart about thebusiness, and are courageous about execution.   Martin delivers exactly what we need — and better. We love the team’s energy, focus, and passion for our business.  They are great partners, incredibly professional, easy to work with … friendly and nice. Martin Advertising does amazing, talented, smart work. These are some of the reasons “We need Martin!”

Maynard’s Home Furnishings – Rex Maynard, Owner
“Hello nice people.  We’ve worked with Louise and Martin Advertising for longer than either us wants to remember!  They offer the ideas, imagination and creativity Maynard’s needs to reflect our image and communicate the quality of our stores, merchandise and service to today’s consumer.  This can be hard to do on a limited budget.  Advertising options grow every day, and deciding where to spend our promotional dollars is a challenge.  Martin Advertising has the experience and knowledge to help us maximize our advertising dollars, and reach our customers and markets as often and effectively as possible.”

Grady’s Great Outdoors – John Phillips, President
“For over 10 years I handled the advertising for our family business. From producing direct mail pieces to writing radio script to negotiating the deals – I was doing it all. Combined with all of the rest of the responsibilities of running a business, I was at my wits end. I dreaded picking up the phone – fearing it would be another advertising rep. Ironically, it was an advertising rep that referred me to Martin Advertising. He convinced me to meet with Louise and the rest is history.

Martin Advertising has taken Grady’s image and our business to the next level. Our ads are now professional, timely and very effective. They handle everything from dealing with reps to producing ads. They even provide me with one, consolidated monthly bill!

I would highly recommend Martin Advertising to any business owner in any industry. You will get great service, professional ads and will probably pay less for ads than you do now!”

Anderson University – Bradley W. Orr, Director of Annual Giving
“Through our partnership with Mrs. Louise Trammell and Martin Advertising’s work on “A Promise to Keep” Anderson University was able to brand the need for support of our Annual Scholarship Fund in an incredible way. As we approach our Centennial at AU the DVD provides a view of the past, a picture of the present, and the vision for the future through our faculty, staff, alumni, and donors.  From the creative pieces to the execution of the production, Martin Advertising exceeded our expectations.”

Poly-Med, Inc.Scott Taylor, Ph. D., Manager
“Over the past several years, I have been very pleased to be able to work with Martin Advertising on several projects. We are a small company in the medical device business, and even though Louise and her team had not worked within our industry before, they were very willing and capable of jumping right in to meet our needs for brochures and trade show booths. This was our first foray into advertising (we had been a word-of-mouth business for the previous 12 years), and the team helped us through every stage of the project and worked within our limited budget. Not only did they do a great job with layout, Martin Advertising helped us find a great photographer and coordinated our display rental for the show. Louise, Emily, Ansley, and Judy have always been happy to talk with us and have definitely helped us to grow our business through these efforts.”

Skins HotdogsMatt Thrasher, Vice President
“About six years ago, the Skins team decided to try a hand at advertising. This was a major decision for our family owned business, since we had never tried advertising our hotdogs before. We searched the Upstate and decided to use Martin Advertising to lead us through this major decision. The ladies at Martin exceeded our expectations and enabled us to brand our hotdogs in the Upstate while not losing our legendary tradition in the Anderson area. Martin has shown their flexibility in designing our Deli Wrap papers and our logo, creating numerous television, radio, billboard, newspaper and magazine ads, and producing countless flyers and posters to advertise sales and promotions. They have even helped us with our Facebook page. By teaming with Martin Advertising, Skins not only has an advertising agency, but a true partner in our business efforts.”

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